Duodenal Aspirate Test

The duodenal aspirate test analyses the microbiota of the upper small intestine. Bioscreen cultures both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria present in the Duodenal Aspirate. The bacteria are identified by MALDI-TOF and viable bacterial counts are performed. The Duodenal Aspirate must be collected by a Gastroenterologist during a Gastroscopy procedure.

A comprehensive report is generated detailing the findings from your Duodenal Aspirate sample. And a report will be issued to your practitioner who is responsible for providing appropriate therapeutic advice to correct abnormalities, if identified. Scientists from Bioscreen are always available to give advice to your healthcare practitioner who, for medicolegal requirements, must always take responsibility for your care.

Instruction Sheet

Instruction sheet for Duodenal Fluid Aspirate collection in Australia

Duodenal Aspirate Test

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