Our Story

Bioscreen was established in 1982 by a group of medical scientists who had become aware of the relationship between bacteria in the gut and overall human health. Over time, evidence has accumulated establishes that the gut microbial ecology is fundamental to human health.

Bioscreen was one of the first laboratories to develop a reliable testing protocol to identify and enumerate the bacteria in the gut. These data have been correlated with symptoms of individual with compromised health.

Bioscreen has published these observations both in International Conferences and in peer reviewed journals since 1998 (Butt et al, 1988**; Dunstan et al, 1999). Many of the bacteria commonly found in the gut were considered to be commensal organisms and thought to have limited role in human well being. Bioscreen gained many insights as to the role of these organisms in chronic diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia; autism, ADHD, functional gastrointestinal disorders including disorders of the gut-brain interaction, gut motility, amines sensitivities and anxiety and depressive moods. Bioscreen has collaborated with a range of clinicians to implement a microbial dietary and other interventions that have provided improvements in the health of individuals.

Characterizing your gut microbiota is an important step towards improving your overall health. Bioscreen’s extended Faecal Microbial Analysis (FMA test) provides this understanding. The Bioscreen Laboratory in Yarraville has state of the art instrumentation and a skilled and experienced team of scientists ensuring each test is reliable and accurate.


**Butt HL, Dunstan RH, McGregor NR, Roberts TK, Zerbes M, Klineberg IJ. Alteration of the Bacterial Microbial Flora in Chronic Fatigue/Pain Patients. The clinical and scientific basis of CFS: "From Myth Towards Management". 1998 Feb.